Why I became a massage therapist…

Sally Kendall Vermont Massage Therapist and Massage Instructor

While studying Kinesiology at The College of William & Mary in 1989, I fell in love with the human body. I was fascinated by how it moves, its ingenious design, how good it could feel to relieve muscle tension through massage, and the body’s relationship to our state of mind.  As my knowledge and love of massage grew, I thought, “What a fantastic world it would be if everybody got a massage!”

I attended the 1,100 hour program at The Colorado Springs Academy for Therapeutic Massage and became a licensed massage therapist.  It was through interning at the Hospice wing of the local hospital that I first consciously realized the power of touch to connect with others, without words, and relieve emotional tension.

Over the years, my love of massage has only deepened, growing into teaching people how to give simple yet effective massage to their loved ones.  I feel very fortunate to do what I love.  My heartfelt thanks goes to all who have entrusted me with helping them on their journey.