Massage Classes

Connect with your loved ones- beyond words.

You’ve probably heard that massage has been proven to reduce stress 1.  Creating time and space for you and your partner to destress, to come back into your bodies can turn things around on a physical as well as emotional level.  Learn how in massage class!

Giving massage to your loved ones increases their levels of oxytocin- the chemical that makes people feel close to one another 2. It’s a great way to bond without having to talk a lot.  It is simple, effective AND rewarding.

“But I’m not good at giving massage!” you protest. That’s why you take a class! In our culture, where healthy touch is minimal, it’s not a given for most people to know how to use touch to help another or themselves feel better. Cut yourself some slack and know that these classes have you covered.

Classes are available in 3 forms:

Date Night Massage Class (Head, neck and shoulders)

An introduction to giving massage to someone in a way that leaves both of you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.  You and your partner will learn the key foundation pieces to giving any massage, and practice them in a guided sequence for head, neck and shoulders.

Create Your Own Class (Choose your own adventure)

This class is great if there are areas of your or your partner’s body you would like to learn how to address.  Key foundation pieces will be explained while addressing chronic shoulder, back or neck tension, massage for headaches, hand or foot massage, abdominal, or jaw massage-  you tell me what you want to learn.

Self-Care Massage Class (Peace is in your hands)

Learn how to reduce your own stress and tension when no one else is available to give you massage.  Great for end of the day unwinding, coming back into your body,  and releasing specific areas of tension.

What to expect:

  • You will learn the key foundation pieces essential to a good massage.
  • Class is conducted fully clothed without special equipment to replicate giving massage at home- no need to buy a table.
  • You will be guided through easy-to-learn, effective massage techniques with hands-on refinements.
  • In the couples classes, you and your partner will switch places half-way through class so you each get time to sink into your respective roles of learning AND relaxing.
  • Take home the hand-out to cement your learning, and continue growing your skill beyond class.

Of course, your massage skill won’t just benefit you and your partner. Other family members and friends can benefit from your healthy touch as well.

During a workshop with Sally, I learned several incredibly simple facial and neck massage techniques that I use often to help my son settle at bedtime. I have also used them to help my mom during the stress of her husband passing. They are easy to remember (important at bedtime and at stressful times) are easy to do, and are very comforting for people. It’s rewarding to be able to offer simple comfort to people you love-so grateful to Sally for distilling her years of experience and knowledge into simple, effective techniques. She is an amazing teacher and massage therapist.
-Eleanor D’Aponte

Create space for more relaxation and enjoyment in your life. Learn a skill you can use with anyone you want to help feel better, and they can use with you. Inquire about massage class today.

1 Journal of Physical Therapy Science 2016 Oct;28(10):2703-2707.
2 Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine 2012 Nov-Dec;18(6):11-8.