Calling all Camino Fans!

photo courtesy of Pexel

While I haven’t walked it myself, I’ve followed and worked with people who have, so I thought of them when I saw an article, “The Physiological Effects of Walking Pilgrimage,” by Dr. Brennan Harris (a ’93 William and Mary Dept. of Kinesiology graduate, what are the odds!) It describes the effects on your physical body of walking the Camino, and rings true with the lived experience of those I’ve known who have walked it. You can read about cardiovascular, metabolic, musculoskeletal and other effects here:

I hope by sharing this article those who experienced ailments will not feel so alone, or beat themselves up for injuries sustained. Seems like it’s baked into the experience of repetitive motion, whether we’re sitting at a computer or walking for days on end. Congratulations to those who undertook the training, focus, and adjustments made in walking the pilgrimage!