“Take a break” Couples Class

Date: July 24th, 2020, $80/couple

6-8pm on Zoom!

Join Mary Hill, artist and community advocate, and I in leading you and your partner through a fun and lighthearted “date night”. (For those of you who haven’t had the delight of knowing Mary and her art yet, Mary works in a variety of mediums including sculpture and fabric design in Underhill, Vermont. Check out her fantastic website at maryhill.studio)

Mary & I both believe strongly that art and massage can strengthen and brighten a marriage! During a sparkly spring chat in my driveway we came up with the idea of collaborating and want to share our offering with YOU.

The class is designed for partner massage, so bring your spouse or best friend to the class. I will begin with a demonstration of neck and head massage done in a chair followed by shoulders, arms and hands. Follow along, practicing on your partner, asking questions as they arise. 

After 45 minutes of massage, Mary will lead you through your partner painting.

A banner “kit” will be sent to you before the class so you can sketch out a design prior to actual class time.  The “kit”  includes a design sheet of ideas which you can follow or not. Painting the banner together can worki in a variety of ways. Each of you suggests a color., or, one of you can paint. However you’d like to play. No pressure!  This will be a little visual reminder to each other to display  in your bedroom, or kitchen. Creating a memory, a reminder of your massage time together nurturing each other and your relationship.

Register for class and pay online at Mary’s online store. Cheers!