Take another moment…

First, thank you for the encouragement I have received from so many of you signing up to receive these posts. May they help you stay healthy, grounded and resilient!  Feel free to email me with any questions, musings, feedback, experiences.  Even from a physical distance, we can be there for each other. Cords of love traverse all distance.

This next video shows variations on the restorative pose shown in the last video. Deep breathing calms my mind. Sometimes I feel calm enough to listen to something I’ve been meaning to get to but just haven’t found time for. This episode of But Why? is a kid-friendly, thus non-alarmist look at the coronavirus and why soap is so effective in getting rid of it.

If you’d rather listen to something non-cerebral, you could try a session of biofield tuning while you are in a restorative pose. VT’s own Eileen McKusick, a leader in the field of sound therapy, is offering a 3 part session free here.

(If you are so moved and have the ability to contribute to Eileen’s research applying the scientific method to questions concerning the human biofield, there is an option to donate in the link above).

Listening to these recordings could help you focus on and guide your energy in a positive way.

All the best,