Tensegrity Expained

So, Brett in Nov 7th’s post does a nice job of leading you through some Tensegrity exercises, but what IS Tensegrity exactly? Tom Myers, a leading practitioner and educator in the field of structural integration, explains in this short entertaining clip:

I hope this helped deepen your understanding of and valuing your body for the sublimely constructed being that it is. It can inform the way you move, and is supported by the exercises in Esther Gokhale’s book I recommended in an earlier post. Seeing the body as a tensegrity structure definitely informs the bodywork I do- feeling for the guywires and noticing how your body is strung at the present moment, giving your body information through my pressure and massage so it can make changes, creating spaciousness and ease of movement. It’s the reason I work the whole body rather than just the area of complaint. During our sessions, I love hearing people become more aware of their bodies from the inside out- feeling muscles relax in their back when I’m working on their feet, for example. Of course the physical level is just one level of describing bodywork, but that’s a topic for another blogpost:)