The Case for Social Distancing

…or should we say physical distancing and distance socializing:)

It has been almost a week since I last gave massage. I have been thinking daily about how to make it possible, but given our ever-evolving knowledge of COVID-19, I will not be giving massage until further notice. If we all do our part to flatten the curve, it likely means a more positive outcome. I found the simulations in this article very helpful in driving home the importance of social distancing:

These graphs show the extremely positive impact of extensive social distancing:

Blue represents uninfected population, orange are infected, pink are recovered from infection (deaths are not represented).

What can you do instead of coming in for bodywork?

Until we can resume our massage time together, I will be posting videos with suggestions for achieving some of the same goals as massage: coming back into your body, releasing tension, re-centering, and supporting your mental and physical health.

I miss seeing you all, but I’m so grateful we can at least be in “touch” technologically!